The Thriller of 2016 – set in the late 1920/30s:
A Journalist Uncovers A Global Takeover

Based on a True Story: When an English investigative journalist in 1920s New York discovers a vast unpaid fortune owed his family for gold gifted to the Revolutionary cause he believes he’s hit his very own Yellow Brick Road.
Far from leading him to riches it uncovers dark secrets and nightmare scenarios impacting the world. Will he decide there are bigger fish to trap and truths to expose?
Does he become the fish or fisherman?
Will his findings ignite the spark for another revolution or are the forces ranged against him too powerful to reel in?

Unmasking their endgame places him and the explosive discoveries he holds, into the spotlight of a person of interest and Public Enemy No 1. His life in mortal danger he opts for exposure.
A race against time, hunted down by agents of the powerful, survival depends on waking from dreams and facing reality head on.

Dreams and Realities

By Jonathan L Trapman

About Jonathan Trapman:

Author since aged 9.

First novel The Bull got fair marks at school, noting author in need of improvement.

Began his professional career as a photojournalist, working for some of the top titles in Fleet Street. Among them the London Times, Daily Express and a very short, boring stint with the Sun. Exposed to the propaganda and half truths demanded from photo/journalists in the ‘70s and 80s, his soul was worth more than the tarnished shekels of Corporate Cronyism.

Becoming one of the industry’s foremost photographers he enjoyed getting to know the world, its peoples and a far wider vision of life on earth on others’ behalf and at others’ expense.

He has appeared on TV and radio including BBC, France Inter and online radio. He has been invited to creative and literary conferences across the globe.
In 2013 he, in partnership with his wife, published a ground breaking, first ever, in nearly 1000 years, translation of 10th century Sufi founder/mystic saint Hoja Ahmed Yassawi’s Diwani Hikmet.
He is currently occupied writing the remaining 6 books in the heptalogy  opus The Freedom Cycle

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